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  Case Study: 100 System Lab at Anoka-Ramsey Community College by REASON

Run silent, run cool: Anoka-Ramsey Community College's 100-unit computer lab brings together cutting-edge technology to provide an energy-conscious, high-powered workspace in a environment ideally suited for study.

The Challenge

Take a moment and listen to the sound of your computer. Now imagine that noise multiplied 100 times, in a relatively confined enclosure. This is one of the challenges REASON faced while designing and outfitting Anoka-Ramsey Community College's 100-unit computer lab. In addition to providing a quiet and practical workspace where students can study without distraction, the lab needed to satisfy the school's cutting-edge, high performance computing needs both now and well into the future. Furthermore, such a large quantity of systems running simultaneously tend to generate substantial heat; enough to raise energy costs over the summer when the facility must remain cool.

The Solution

Fortunately, the team of experts at REASON had done their homework. Their solution included designing a nearly noiseless, yet exceedingly powerful PC based on AMD's top-of-the-line dual core technology. The overall heat and noise levels are greatly reduced through the implementation of low power components. The cooling technology is a combination of low rpm fans and ultra-quiet fans. The systems also produce less heat. which actually reduces the cost of air conditioning during the summer months.

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