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Empower your classroom.

Mobile labs by REASON offer a universal charging station which works with most brands of laptops. This total turnkey solution integrates with existing networks and/or Internet access, VSAT and satellite communications. Thanks to innovative power management and superior product design you don't need to worry about overloading circuits OR budgets. Store, secure and charge up to 32 laptops and get them where they need to go with a Mobile Lab by REASON.

Give your students the power to learn.

Mobile Labs by REASON employ integrated laptop and battery charging systems that are powered by a single standard AC outlet, making them not only the most efficient solutions available, but also the most convenient.

Innovative electrical and battery power technologies allow Mobile Labs to operate and perform unlike any other solution available. In addition to providing “Single Plug” electrical operation and simultaneous battery charging, Mobile Labs operate at 85% energy efficiency, and virtually continuous “ALL DAY” operation.

Recharge without recessing

With its unique built-in PowerSmart Recharging Battery Solutions, your mobile computer lab will not be idle while batteries are being charged. The BatteryBay recharging drawer (for eBuddy laptop batteries) or PowerStation (for recharging the universal "ALL DAY" SideKick PowerPack Battery) allows laptop users continuous ALL-DAY computer use. The BatteryBay and PowerStation chargers fit neatly into any of our Mobile Computer Lab Solutions, or they can be utilized as a stand alone complement to your existing equipment.

Mobile Labs Battery Bay Drawer
Battery Bay Drawer

  • 16-Bay Battery Charging System
  • Retractable bearing sliding drawer
  • LED indicators for charging status
  • Power-Pulse / Power Management System
  • Entire system operates from a single, standard AC outlet

Mobile labs battery bay case
Battery Bay Case

  • Rugged ABS Briefcase with padded handle and Aluminum inner chassis
  • 8-Bat Battery Charging System with LED indicators for charging status
  • Power/Pulse / Power Management System
  • Entire system operates from a single, standard AC outlet

Mobile lab powerstation

  • Charges, conditions and stores up to 16 SideKick batteries per PowerStation unit
  • Provides "All Day" battery power
  • Charges overnight and has 2-3 times the "capacity and lifespan" of standard laptop batteries
  • Saves money by lasting longer and using less electricity
  • Designed specifically for classroom/wireless mobile computer lab environments

mobile labs caddy & sidekick battery pack
Caddy & SideKick
Battery Pack

  • Charges, conditions and stores up to 16 Sidekick batteries
  • Provides "All Day" battery power for most brands of laptop computers
  • Charges overnight from a single AC outlet
  • 2-3 times the capacity and lifespan of standard laptop batteries
  • Saves money by lasting longer and using less electricity
  • Designed specifically for classroom and training use
  • Portable and easy to deploy

SIDEKICK BATTERY PACK - Advanced Battery Solution

Sidekick PowerPack BatteriesThe SideKick PowerPack Battery provides a universal, "ALL DAY" battery power solution. Compatible with most brands of laptops, the SideKick PowerPack Battery offers 2-3 times more battery power and usable life span than standard laptop batteries.

The SideKick's advanced battery chemistry allows it to provide both longer laptop operational time and a longer battery life span. This 120-watt external power source has a usable life span that is more than twice that of traditional Lithium-Ion batteries used in laptop computers today.

The SideKick PowerPack Battery can be configured with either the "Caddy" or the "PowerStation," which integrates into either the FlexCart or SmartCart Mobile Computer Lab Solutions.

  • Mobile labs help connect your classroom PCs to your district's LAN providing for a wireless extension to your existing hard-wired LAN
  • Turn your classroom into a computer lab in just a matter of minutes

  • Mobile Computer Labs can be custom configured to your specifications

  • Labs can be equipped from 8 to 32 laptops

  • Mobile labs are often less expensive than installing multiple desktop computer labs, with the same functionality and the ability to move to multiple classrooms

  • Secure solutions with dual, drill-resistant, pick-proof, latch locking systems

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