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Visual Surveillance Solutions

REASON is partnered with D-Link to offer the latest remote monitoring capabilities for all your personal and security needs.

SecuriCam IP surveillance solutions

SecuriCam IP surveillance solutions from D-Link allow you to monitor your office, warehouse, or campus from anywhere — at anytime. Extreme Low LUX optics, 2 way audio, and full pan/tilt/zoom manipulation provide everything an SMB needs to safeguard their valuable resources. From outdoor heated camera enclosures with tinted acrylic housings, to cost-effective solutions for office monitoring and security, REASON and D-Link have the solution that is right for you.

D-Link surveillance solutionsDesigned as stand-alone systems complete with CPU and integrated web servers, SecuriCam UP surveillance cameras do not need to be connected to a computer. Once connected to the network, users can view live streaming video. Some cameras are equipped with Power over Ethernet, allowing them to be placed where AC outlets are not available.

The Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) IP surveillance cameras provide angle movement and zoom controllable from a web interface which allows for monitoring multiple view. 2-way audio Internet cameras allow users to view and listen remotely while talking to a person at the camera site through the camera’s speaker.

D-Link day-and-night surveillance cameras are equipped to capture sharp video in any environment.

For more information on solutions for your security needs, contact your Reason Sales Representative today or call us at 952-229-2060 (toll free at 877-808-1020).


100 Computer LabAirport Hangar Operator Reduces Insurance Claims with D-Link IP Surveillance Solution by REASON

REASON’s client needed a flexible IP surveillance system that would record activities on their property; archive videos for easy, rapid retrieval; share video across secure IP networks; and establish clarity and certainty when liability comes into question. more >


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