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Product Feature Comparison: Vista vs. XP

Security Enhanced protectionwith security tools like Windows Defender and Windows Firewall tohelp protect your computer against the latest generation of threats. Windows File Protectionprevents you or your applications from accidentally changing the core operating system files.
Performance Quicker startup, shut down, and resume as well as built-indiagnostics, performance self-tuning and self-healing helps to keep the PC running smoothly. Windows ReadyBoostalso new feature using USB stick to speed up performance. Improvedperformance of Windows 98
Windows Aero User Interface The Windows Aero1userinterface provides enhanced visual feedback which enables greater productivity and richer experiences on your PC. Unavailable
Setup Better migration experience. Setup andtransition onto a new PC with greater ease and confidence with new migration tools like Windows Easy Transfer. Easy Setup Wizard tutorial walks you through the installation process.
Search Easier to store, find, manage and organize data with features like Instant Search, Preview Panes, high res icons and richer meta data. Indexed file system
Parental Controls

Parental Controls help parents monitor and manage their family’s computer usage.

Internet security management only
Windows SideShow New feature which uses auxiliary displayson selected laptops and devices to quickly access critical PC data at any time. Unavailable
Meeting Space New feature whichcreates ad-hoc meetingswith other PCs in same area to view presentations. Unavailable
Windows Sidebar Windows Sidebar connectsyour desktop with powerful yet easy to use “gadgets” mini-applications that help you be more productive such as weather, news, stocks, calendar or other useful tools. Unavailable


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