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Top 10 Benefits of Windows Vista Business

The Windows Vista™ Business operating system supports the needs of your small business, making it easier for you to keep your PCs running smoothly and more securely with less IT support. Windows Vista Business makes it easy to find, organize, and share information. It also supports your business as it grows, with simple tools for adding new PCs and by providing support for next-generation technology. Here are the top 10 ways that Windows Vista Business can help you.  

Get better results faster with improved menus and tools.

Protect your PCs and your data.
Built-in security features automatically help protect your PCs from unwanted software so you don’t have to spend time worrying about spyware and other threats. And, User Account Control and the ability to add password protection to files help to protect your PCs and data from unauthorized activities and information sharing.

Never lose your work.
Windows Vista Business creates daily “restore points” of your files as you work, so you can retrieve older versions of documents you might have accidentally deleted or overwritten. Additionally, a simple wizard enables you to back up files and entire hard disk drives automatically—so you don’t have to take time out of your day to do it.


Work virtually anywhere.
Windows Vista Business provides more secure and dependable remote access to your office PC from your home or portable PC, as well as advanced networking capabilities. Update a project estimate on your desktop PC when you’re away from the office, or create a one-time wireless network to share a presentation with multiple users—when a projector isn’t available.

Have the most current information at your fingertips.
A one-stop Sync Center enables you to synchronize information across a variety of devices, so you can access current information from your portable PC, PDA, or mobile phone. Windows Vista Business also includes a new technology for viewing information, such as e-mail messages or appointments, on the auxiliary display of future designs of portable PCs—even when the PC is turned off.

Manage your technology yourself.
Windows Vista Business removes the intimidation factor from managing your company’s hardware and networks, with easy-touse tools for configuring, controlling, and administering everything from users’ browser settings to connecting network projectors.

Support your business needs tomorrow.
As your business grows, Windows Vista Business will grow with you, supporting a wide range of hardware and software (including 64-bit processors) that you may add to accommodate your growth. And, when you add new PCs, the Windows® Easy Transfer Wizard simplifies transferring information and settings
from old PCs to new ones.

Find information faster and respond more quickly to your customers.
Instant Search helps you find information and resources on your PC across your network—and even in e-mail and within leading customer relationship management programs—almost instantly. In conjunction, Windows Aero™ helps you work more quickly by making it easier to navigate open files and programs. Integrated faxing and scanning capabilities enable you to quickly send and receive faxes to respond to customer information requests.

Organize information more flexibly.
With powerful new Windows Vista Explorers, you can find files without having to remember the locations or names of the folders they’re in. For example, the Document Explorer can find all of your recently changed documents. Sort and view these files in a variety of ways—such as by author or by type—without
changing the location of the files on your PC.

Work in a simpler, more intuitive way.
With the flexibility to add custom properties to your files, you’ll be able to retrieve information even faster. For instance, “tag” your digital photos with information such as location or subject name, and use these tags as criteria to quickly find photos later. In addition, easy-to-use digital image editing tools decrease your dependence on outside creative help, and for Tablet PC users, enhanced ink and touch-screen controls lend even more flexibility to the way you work with your information.

Share information easily.
Sharing information between users, whether using the same PC
or different PCs on a network—has never been this easy or more
secure. Windows Vista Business brings sharing features to the
forefront through a Sharing Wizard, making it easy to share a file
or folder with a specific individual or with multiple users.

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