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Reason is partnered with
Nor-Tech to develop innovative scientific computing solutions, including HPC clusters, HA clusters, and the revolutionary Portable Cluster.


Ruggedized Portable Cluster

Office Cluster

Fully Sealed Cluster


Scientific Computing Solutions

REASON has engineered many different cluster solutions and works closely with cluster manufacturer Nor-Tech to develop innovative high performance solutions, like the award-winning Ruggedized Portable Cluster.

Our system engineers will work with you to give you the best cluster software and cluster hardware solutions available today.


Case in Point


100 Computer Lab

Portable Cluster helps render urban 3D modeling a reality

REASON works with Nor-Tech HPC to provide a compact, ruggedized portable cluster for DARPA-funded project . more...


SAFL Cluster pumps new life into heart research

REASON teams with Nor-Tech HPC to help scientists develop superior heart-valve replacements. more...



Case Study: Portable Cluster by REASON

When information flows too fast to be processed, the solution isn’t to slow it down… but to compute faster. More...



Video Beowulf Clusters for Computation and Visualization

Watch an interview with Dr. Martin Saar showing how his research team is using their REASON Cluster Computer. More...



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