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Total System Draw

Measured Maximum running sys_basher for 6 nodes + master + switch:
(6*263) + 375 + 30 =
1983 watts

Actual for Compute Node:
263 watts

Measured per node draw with both boards inside of each 1U running sys_basher under FC6 x86_64 with the following BOM plus one SATA HDD for each motherboard to allow for testing.

Case 1U Chassis (Includes Rails) Approximate Configured Gross Weight = 30 lbs
Motherboard (12) Intel Server Board S3000PT
Processors (12) Intel Quad-Core Xeon X3210 / 2.13 GHz ( 1066 MHz ) - LGA775 Socket - L2 8 MB ( 4 x 2 MB )
(48 processor cores)
RAM (48) 1Gb ECC DDR2-667 Memory Module (Low Power)
Hard Drive Up to 16 500GB RAID Edition Drives in a RAID 6 making 7TB available.
Network Card (24) Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet

Actual for Master Node:
330 watts drives active in 100% sys_basher

375 watts w/o drives active 100& sys_basher

310 watts at system idle

Case 3U Chassis with 650w Power Supply (Includes rails) Approximate Configured
Motherboard Intel Server Board S3000AHLX
Processors Intel Quad-Core Xeon X3210 / 2.13 GHz ( 1066 MHz ) - LGA775 Socket - L2 8 MB ( 4 x 2 MB )
RAM (4) 1Gb ECC DDR2-667 Memory Modules (Low Power)
Hard Drive (12) 500GB Raid Edition SATA Hard Drive (5.0Tb
Usable Storage in RAID-6

3Ware 9650 16-Port SATA Raid Controller

Optical DVD-RW Drive
Network Card (2) Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet

Ruggedized, Shockmounted Chassis

The strongest rackmount cases in the industry, meeting even Military standards!


Available in military shock mounted STD 19" rackmount cases that adhere to MIL standards such as MIL-STD-108, MIL-STD-648 and MIL-STD-810. Featuring double continuous gasket system with automatic pressure equalization valve, for optimal environmental protection


Aluminum Powder Coated
Color Available in any color
Logo Custom logo decals
Dimensions Available in any size from 3U to 30U!
Power Includes Power Distribution for rack
Cords Includes 120 VAC 20-amp flexible power cords for rack

Case Study: Beowulf Portable Cluster by REASON

When information flows too fast to be processed, the solution isn’t to slow it down… but to compute faster.

The Challenge

Researchers in the field of fluid dynamics studying the complexities of a liquid flow can already acquire data from their experiments at extremely high speeds. However, the flow of information tends to bottleneck while processing. Using Time-Resolved Stereo Particle Image Velocimetry (TRSPIV),which seeds a flow with laser-illuminated particles, scientists can see the entire 3D structure of the flow, allowing for more intricate measurements of vectors and velocity.

The researchers at a major university in Utah needed an instrument that could acquire, rapidly process and store the substantial samples generated by the TRSPIV. The system would need to be relatively self-sufficient, performing these tasks without distracting users from their experiments. Furthermore, this particular set-up would be utilized by multiple departments on more than one campus, so mobility was also a very important factor.

The trickiest part of the challenge, however, was finding the energy to run such a system... literally. The slickest system in the world would be useless if it couldn't operate within the power constraints of the institution, and in this case it was 2 standard circuits.

The Solution

REASON, in conjuction with Nor-Tech designed and configured a portable, personal cluster that operates within the energy restrictions of a simple fluid dynamics lab. Supporting a capacity of 52 cores, the system runs easily on a single 110VAC 20-amp circuit (or up to 96 cores on two 110VAC 20-amp circuits.) See the table at the right for detailed energy usage statistics.

The complete 15U high-performance, personal cluster is entirely mobile and contained in a ruggedized, shockmounted chassis. The Cluster can be packaged in minutes and shipped anywhere around the campus, country or even world.

The entire Portable Cluster can be packed up and easily moved by a single individual. The lightweight, but heavy-duty chassis features sturdy castors that roll smoothly over even rough terrain.
Shock absorbers line the chassis, keeping the system protected from sudden impact as well as sustained vibration.
Operates with standard power! Run up to 96 CPU cores on just 2 115VAC 20-amp circuits.

Contact us today, and talk to one of our experts about how REASON can design, develop and implement custom solutions, tailored specifically to your unique challenges.

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