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REASON is committed to Energy Efficient Solutions

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REASON, Burnsville Headquarters

Ten Reasons to Buy Voyageur Systems

  1. Standardization of Components 
    We will guarantee a standard, stable platform of components for a period of 18 months or longer to lower your ownership and support costs. You will be notified and be given options before any changes are made to your configuration. 

  2. 3 Year Limited Warranty 
    Our service response time is within 4 Business hours.  However, for emergency situations, we will have a technician immediately dispatched directly to your location.

  3. Free Drive Imaging
    We will load your standard software image(s) on our computers before we ship to you.  This saves you time and reduces your cost of setting up and configuring the computers. 

  4. Delivery and Setup 
    For orders of 100+ computers, we will include free assistance with unboxing, setting up and connecting to your network. We also use a local courier for direct delivery from the factory ensuring that the systems are not dropped during transit

  5. Free Software Testing
    Test your software on REASON computers.  We will help with the testing of your software on our computers to make sure that everything is compatible.  If there are issues, we will work with you to help resolve them.

  6. Free Evaluation Units  
    Feel free to test out our desktop or laptop computers in your environment at no charge.

  7. Free Technology Seminars  
    We sponsor Technology Seminars where we have industry experts such as Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, AMD and others give presentations to inform your technology staff about trends in the hardware and software industries.  This will help you make informed purchasing decisions for hardware and software for your environment. 

  8. Free Asset Tagging
    We will install your company’s asset tags on our computers before shipping the computers to you. 

  9. Choice of hardware platform 
    REASON offers you a choice of Intel or AMD based computers.  This allows you to choose which platform best fits your price/performance needs.  We feel it is our duty to inform you of the benefits of each platform and then allow you to make the decision, rather than making the decision for you by only supplying one platform. 

  10. Computer Stocking Program  
    REASON will provide on-site stocking where we stock a quantity of machines at your site and you are not invoiced for the systems until they are deployed.  This provides instant delivery of machines and allows the IT department the security that machines are always in stock and ready at hand.




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